Certificate Of Competancy of adrone pilot

EU Drone pilot preparation for A1, A3 and A2 exams

Order the EU Drone pilot preparation for A1/A3 subcategories and A2 subcategory exams course, start to learn about drones and prepare for your EU Drone pilot licenses.

The course contains these sections:

  • 1. Welcome;
  • 2. Safety;
  • 3. Legislation;
  • 4. Medical requirements;
  • 5. Privacy and data protection;
  • 6. Insurance;
  • 7. General knowledge of the drones;
  • 8. Meteorology;
  • 9. Operational procedures.

Many participants have completed this preparation course with the Acoptex.ru. and passed A1/A3 and A2 exams successfully!

There are no requirements in terms of prior knowledge. Our training is good for beginners and professionals.

What do you learn in the EU Drone pilot preparation for A1/A3 and A2 exams course?

  • Safety. How to increase the safety of an drone operation.
  • Rules and regulations. You know all the important rules and regulations that you must follow to.
  • Medical requirements. There are medical requirements for the drone pilots set by the regulations. You are going to learn them in this course.
  • Privacy and data. GDPR in the context of flying with drones.
  • Insurance. We will discuss which insurance you will need as the remote pilot or the drone operator.
  • Drone knowledge. Everything about types of drones and different batteries.
  • Meteorology. You will also be able to read a weather observation (METAR).
  • Operations. You learn how to plan a flight and what the necessary mitigating measures should be. We will discuss how to mitigate the possible risks in the flight area.

What will you receive from us?

  • Downloads. You will receive the UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL course materials, links for FREE.
  • Videos. The video lessons will be available on Udemy for FREE very soon. We will keep you updated.
  • Tests. The tests are available for all sections plus two final tests for A1/A3 and A2 exams. You can download at use them for FREE.
  • Support. You just need to pay once and you will get the ACCESS to up-to-date materials for FREE (frequently updated).

How to get access to the EU Drone pilot preparation for A1/A3 and A2 exams course material?

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